Electronic Payment Solutions.

We have developed a range of innovative and effective Banking Management Solutions to revolutionize the way your bank deals with day to day customer transactions.

From Switch solutions to Card and POS services, we provide the answer to all of your transaction challenges.
  • ATM Supply and Support
  • Retail POS
  • Software Solutions
  • Payment Cards


We are able to support various ATM models with a full team of certified engineers and extensive experience in different ATM models guaranteeing maximum up-times and quality services to our clients.

Our timely ATM Suport services provide a basis for enhancing customer experience in the retail finance market.

GRGBanking E300L

Entry level cash dispenser

GRG Banking H22N Series

Multi-function cash dispenser

GRG Banking H22V Series

Multi-function cash dispenser

GRG Banking H34N Series

Full Function Automated Teller Machine

GRB Banking H38NL-XDM

Currency Exchange Machine

GRG Banking H48ND

Full Function Island Drive-up ATM

GRB Banking H68N series

Multi-Function Cash Recycler

GRB Banking H68V Series

Multi-Function Cash Recycler

GRG Banking i21

Entry Level Cash Dispencer

Our Retail POS are perfect for FMCG clients like;
Retail Merchants: Fuel outlets, Supermarkets
Hospitality: Hotels, Restaurants.


Our service includes support and consumables.

Through our partner Ingenico, we help to create value at the point of payment.


We have a range of solutions that are scalable to suit your business needs making them versatile and multi-purpose.


Through our partner iSpiral we:

    • Velos Software Platform
    • Governance, Risk and Compliance Software
    • Premium AML and KYC Compliance Software

Payment cards with magstrip, chip or both and NFC that are fully EMVCo certified.

Our clients are using us to make accessibility to retail finances easy.