AML & KYC Compliance Solution:

As the world becomes ever-more technologically reliant and populous, money-laundering and financial crime are increasing; a threat to every organisation and company, especially within the financial sector. And as AML experts worldwide agree that such institutions must be vastly more diligent in reducing their exposure to these severe financial risks (and the consequent penalties for non-compliance), fully identifying their customers and ensuring complete due diligence from the moment of on-boarding, there is only one logical solution… Comprehensive Solutions which assure complete KYC and AML compliance through a fully automated Risk Evaluation process.

iSPIRAL has developed three main Solutions,

iSPIRAL has developed three main Solutions, all of which are holistic and can be smoothly integrated into any organisation’s operations:
● (a dynamic online web application which tackles a magnitude of compliance and AML needs)
● The iKYC API Platform (a Software as a Service API Platform which is fully integrated with all your systems)
● An entire suite of AML and KYC Back End Compliance Solutions which deliver the full spectrum of Due Diligence and compliance functions
Together, these comprehensive Solutions provide for a seamless workflow of activities regarding managing Risk and provide Mitigating Actions, delivering a smoothly integrated holistic approach to KYC/AML and ensuring organisations are both completely compliant with all regulations and fully safeguarded against fraud.