Archiving Solution:

A.1. – True Capture Overview
Our solutions works in both accounting mode (recording into the ERP only the invoice amount) and commercial mode (recording into the ERP the entire content of the invoice – all lines). In other words, there is value for accounting firms doing bookkeeping for their clients (accounting mode), and for retail / trading businesses that keep stock (commercial mode).
Big supermarkets have found our solution particularly attractive because of the solution’s ability to perform the automatic-entry task in great speed and minimized error. In a recent proof of concept project with one of Greece’s largest supermarket chains (A.B. Vasilopoulos), our solutions produced astonishing results – 80% of all invoices scanned were captured and passed on to their ERP system (stock) with 100% accuracy. For the sake of perspective, this supermarket processes 2,000,000 invoices per year. That is 1.6 million invoices where no human interaction is needed.
Our system has the ability to run self-assessment checks to determine if it has accurately identified all the fields on the document. Only then (when completely certain for the accuracy of the recognition results) will the system proceed to relay the data into the ERP. For the approximately 20% remaining, the system flags the invoices and awaits for user input. Even here, our system is able to direct the user to the appropriate missing field since it is ‘aware’ of the information it’s missing.
With regards to integrations so far, we have successfully integrated with SAP Business One through web services and we are currently in the process of integrating with R3 MM and FI for two large organizations in Greece. We have also working integrations with e-SOFT, SoftOne, Altec, DataComm and in the process of integrating with Navision.