Our Core Values

To continuously improve convenience and experience for clients in accessing

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Our Mission

Zubacx aims to bring to market the latest in technological developments

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Our Objectives

Ensure employee welfare in the work environment • Maintaining the highest

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Working hours

Monday - Friday8.00am - 5.00pm. Saturdays closed. Sundays closed and

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Hyosung ATM MAchine Support

Hyosung ATM’s are robust, reliable, and secure as they come with the latest technology ensuring the bank and its customers security. Hyosung is the fastest growing ATM manufacturer globally with over 9,000 Hyosung ATM’s currently in use and growing. Over 130 financial institutions are currently using Hyosung as their preferred ATM solution provider.

Our Services

Electronic Payment Solutions

We have developed a range of innovative and effective Banking Management Solutions to revolutionize the way your bank deals with daily transactions.

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Digital Banking Solutions & Support

A complete digital OmnichannelPLUS transformation of all your financial services across all channels delivered remotely and instantly

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Queue Managment System

Queue management systems that create efficiency in clients management of delivery of services and get actionable feedback.

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Airport Managment Solutions & Support

With more people taking more journeys, airlines, airports and ground handlers will have to deal with the growing demand.Airport Management Solutions

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Security Managment Solutions

Access security & CCTV systems to secure premises and keep an audit on secure areas accessibility. We offer both Software & Hardware Access Solutions.

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Network Infrastructure Solutions

Structured cabling is quite simply a more organized approach to a Traditional cabling network. It carries all of your infrastructure

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