GRG ATM Machine Support

We are able to support various ATM models with a full team of certified engineers and extensive experience in different ATM models guaranteeing maximum up-times and quality services to our clients. Our timely ATM Suport services provide a basis for enhancing customer experience in the retail finance market

Inheriting reliable performance and outstanding serviceability of GRG ATMs, the H22V series bulk cash dispensers are designed to optimize deployers’ cost and enhance self-service satisfaction. GRGBanking’s continuous innovation makes H22V series the unrivalled ATMs to meet the diverse and dynamic market requirements.

GRG ATM Solutions

 H22V Series Multi-function Cash Dispenser

Newly integrated card-reader with comprehensive anti-skimming solutions, electromagnetic interference, and linkage alarm device that raises card security. PCI compliant EPP provides advanced account security for users. Special carbon fiber composite and optimized mechanism ensures lighter weight and easier deployment of H22V series. Modular design and various ways of access largely enhances maintenance efficiency.

GRG Recyclers

Bringing the newest recycling technology. We build our cash recyclers with serviceability in mind, using a modular swap approach which allows for faster resolution time and minimal overnight downs. A few differentiators include speed, transit cassettes, and software intergration making our machines significantly better than the competition.