Hyosung ATM MAchine Support

Hyosung ATM’s are robust, reliable, and secure as they come with the latest technology ensuring the bank and its customers security. Hyosung is the fastest growing ATM manufacturer globally with over 9,000 Hyosung ATM’s currently in use and growing. Over 130 financial institutions are currently using Hyosung as their preferred ATM solution provider.

Various ATMmodels areon offer including those for retail, financial institutions, recycling, and deposit taking ATM’s each with the relevant software to manage and support it. Every ATM product, service and support system is engineered to be reliable and flexible. We are leading the evolution of self-service banking in retail and financial institutions.

Recycling ATMs can sort and reuse currency that has been deposited, which also limits the amount of service time they require. In fact, while our competitors are just entering the recycling ATM market, we’ve already deployed tens of thousands across the country.

Hyosung ATM Solutions

Fastest Growing ,Leading Industry

Hyosung’s traditional and recycling ATMs are designed for delivering the highest availability in the market. Our modular design and next generation technology helps you optimize your operations faster.

Smallest Footprint Recyclers

Bringing the newest recycling technology. We build our cash recyclers with serviceability in mind, using a modular swap approach which allows for faster resolution time and minimal overnight downs. A few differentiators include speed, transit cassettes, and software intergration making our machines significantly better than the competition.

Our modular engineering allows for quicker repair times while reducing the required number of parts. This straightforward modular engineering also creates a simplified “1 call / 1 tech” service model. Combined together, recycling and best in class service maximize the availability of each machine.