NCR ATM Machine Support

NCR’s ATM Refurbishment services allows you to keep the ATM functionality that your customers demand in the field, without the costs of replacing the entire ATM.

NCR ATM Solutions

Get ATM solutions that grow revenue, reduce cost, manage risk and enhance the customer experience. NCR enables financial institutions and independent ATM deployers to meet the self-service banking needs of consumers. We deliver high levels of availability, along with the ability to offer personalization or targeted marketing opportunities at the ATM.

NCR  ATM Machine Benefits

  • ATMs painted in-site and out to look like new
  • Machine brought to current market standards
  • All exterior cosmetic consumables will be replaced as needed
  • Add new equipment such as SDM, EMV capable card readers, or new cameras as desired
  • Other activities, such as: staging, decal placement, or mirror placements also offered
Cash Dispenser ATMs

The Cash Dispense ATM remains a convenient, trusted self-service channel for consumers.As financial institutions continue their self-service reinvention, ATMs such as the NCR SelfServ™ 23 or NCR SelfServ™ 27 will continue to play a key role delivering the omni-channel experience and providing reliable and secure access to cash.

SelfServ 80 Series ATMs

Banking today no longer means just “going to the bank” and standing in line, it’s about transacting wherever and whenever your customers choose. It’s quick and easy transactions on ATMs, alongside digital and mobile banking options. For banks this means freeing up your tellers’ time so they can focus more of their efforts on high-value activities. That’s why we’ve designed the SelfServ 80 Series of ATMs to deliver the experiences your tech-savvy customers expect, and that can transform your financial institution into a future-proof business.

Banking and ATM Software

Get the most from your ATM network. NCR’s affordable software comes ready to use. Start building a better ATM network right away.